FPFIREEXSPWG-6Y Fire Protection Fire Extinguishr Stored Press w/Gauge - 6 Year

Application:                                                Man Hours .5

The purpose is to provide for a 6-year maintenance on stored
pressure with gauge fire extinguishers with non-stainless steel shells, with the
requirements of the NFPA Standard, Volume 1, Chapter 10.  The work outlined by
this guide card is in addition to the annual maintenance (FPFIREEXSPW/G-A), the
monthly (FPFIREEX-M), and the 12 year hydrostatic testing (FPFIREEXHYDROT).

Special Instructions:

1.  Release pressure on extinguisher, without discharging extinguisher agent, and
    dismantle extinguisher.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Remove extinguishing agent from inside of shell and hose or nozzle
2.___ Examine physical characteristics of extinguishing agent.
3.___ Inspect inner and outer shell for corrosion, dents, broken hanger
      attachments, damaged threads, and legible operating instructions.
4.___ Inspect valve assembly for damaged gauge and handles; corroded, cracked, or
      blocked siphon tube; corroded or damaged stem and spring; damaged, cut, or
      brittle "O" rings and seals.
5.___ Replace cracked, cut, or brittle hose and damaged couplings and nozzles.
6.___ Reassemble and refill shell to proper level with extinguishing agent;
      pressurize; replace seal or tamper indicator; tag and replace on designated

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
2.  Spare hoses, couplings, and nozzles
3.  Seals
4.  "O" rings and lubricant
5.  Tags
6.  Use identification labels
7.  Pull pins
8.  Cleaning materials

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