FPFIREALBOX-Q Fire Prot Fire Alarm Boxes (Manual Coded/Uncoded) - Quarterly

                                                      Man Hours .75
Special Instructions:

The work required by this procedure may cause the activation of an alarm and/or a
supervisory signal.  The office manager and the control center or fire department
that will receive the alarm and/or signal must be notified prior to start of
work.  When alarm systems are connected to municipal systems, test signals to be
transmitted to them will be limited to those acceptable to that authority.
Results should be recorded.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Examine box for damage and legible box number.
2.___ Check external tamper devices.
3.___ When practical, remove "Break Glass" or glass rods and follow instructions
      for actuating alarm.
4.___ Confirm that proper signal (coded or uncoded) is transmitted to receiving
      station (Central Control Fire Department, Police Department, ADT, etc.)
5.___ Determine that audible alarms or signals, local or general, and actuated by
      the alarm box are operating.
6.___ General - Check other features for activation by stations or boxes through
      the fire alarm control panel.  These features include alarm bells, elevator
      capture, releasing of fire doors held open, notification of fire
      department, smoke control, etc.
7.___ Inspect recording register (if applicable) for legibility, time, code
      number, and number of rounds.
8.___ On systems with shunt non-interfering or positive non-interfering circuits,
      operate one box and then operate another box on each box loop prior to the
      completion of the first cycle.  Check for interference at receiving station
      or recording register.
9.___ Restore alarm box and accessories to normal position promptly after each
      test.  This may include rewinding, resetting, replacement of tamper
      devices, etc.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
2.  Cleaning materials.

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