FPFDHSECONN-A Fire Prote Fire Dept Hose Connect (Standpipe Outlets) - Annual

                                                        Man Hours .5
Special Instructions:

The work required by this procedure may cause the activation of an alarm and/or a
supervisory signal.  The field office manager and the control center or fire
department that will receive the alarm and/or signal must be notified prior to
start of work.  When cracking valve, do not stand directly in front of opening.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Remove obstructions to easy accessibility of hose connection.
2.___ Inspect cut off valves and check valves (usually located at base of
      standpipe riser) for corrosion or leakage.  Exercise cut off valve and
      repack if necessary.
3.___ Remove cap from hose connection and check threads.
4.___ Crack valve until water weeps through valve.  Then close valve and check
      for leaks.
5.___ Screw cap onto valve until it is hand-tight.
6.___ Clean up work area and remove all trash.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
    Plus Pipe wrenches to 24"
         Tubing cutters
         Flaring tool
         Small acetylene outfit
         Packing tool kit and packing
         3/4" socket set
         Crescent wrenches to 14"

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