FPDRYPPDLGE-M Fire Protection Dry Pipe Deluge & Preaction Valves - Monthly

                                                     Man Hours 1
Special Instructions:

The servicing of these valves shall be accomplished by qualified personnel or
sprinkler company.  The work required by this procedure may cause activation of
an alarm and/or a supervisory signal.  The office manager and the control
center or fire department that will receive the alarm and/or signal must be
notified prior to start of work.  If drains are not piped to outside of building,
take necessary steps to prevent water damage during full flow drain test.  Rate
of discharge may exceed capacity of floor drain.  On preaction and deluge valves,
the associated fire detection system must also be serviced.  (See FPAUTOFDCT/AL-A
and FPFIREALPNL-Q).  Whenever possible, the operation of the preaction or deluge
valves should be tested by the initiation of the fire detection system using the
appropriate simulated fire condition, i.e., heat or smoke. Preventive maintenance
should be performed on the control valve (main supply) at this time since its
functional purpose can be tested, (stop water flow).  (See Inspections
FPFPSTINDW-A & FPCNTRVV>4-A).  Review manufacturer's instructions.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Determine that legible manufacturer's maintenance instructions are posted
      in a convenient location near valve.
2.___ Trip valve once a year in warm weather along with any accelerators and
      exhausters, and perform all steps in accordance with the manufacturer's
      instructions, including a full flow drain test.  Observe operation of any
      quick opening devices while making trip tests.  The manufacturer's
      instructions for testing and resetting the quick opening device should be
      carefully followed.
3.___ Check air pressures, priming water level, latching arrangements, automatic
      drip connections and general condition of valve room.
4.___ Observe operation of water motor gong, and other alarms or supervisory
      signals such as water flow paddle alarms, pressure switches, etc.
5.___ After annual trip test, dry-pipe valve should be internally cleaned and
      reset in a normal manner with special attention to renewal of rubber parts
      or adjustment of gauges or alarm devices.
6.___ All low point drains should be drained and kept free of water.
7.___ Clean up and remove all debris from work area.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit

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