FANCAFEEXHD-SA Fan Cafeteria Exhaust Hood - Semi-Annual

                                                     Man Hours .5
Special Instructions:

1. Only qualified personnel shall perform this service.
2. The work required may set off an alarm or a supervisory signal.  The Field
   Office Manager and control center or fire department that will receive the
   alarm or signal must be notified before the work begins.
3. Schedule the work on exhaust ducts with food service operator to minimize
   disruption of food service.
4. Review manufacturer's instructions.
5. Perform the work before and during other scheduled maintenance.  See PM
   FANCENTF-A etc. on related equipment. The preventative maintenance on the
   hood and duct system may affect the functioning of related fire
   extinguishing and alarm systems.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Check and clean grease off of duct interiors at connections to the hood.
2.___ Check and clean grease from duct interiors at access panels.
3.___ Check access panels for tight seal to prevent air leaks and for grease
      leaks. Clean, repair, and tighten seals as required.
4.___ Check and clean grease from all visible and accessible duct seams or
5.___ Check hood exhaust fans for grease including exterior surfaces, fan
      housing, blades and protective grills or screens. Clean as required.
6.___ Check and clean building surfaces at the discharge end of the exhaust duct
      or exhaust fan housing.
7.___ Remove grease from interior surfaces of exhaust system ducts, including but
      not limited to horizontal and vertical shafts, fan and fan housing, and fan
      motor exterior (fan motor interior excluded).

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Cleaning materials

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