ELO/UVLTRLY-A Electrical Over and/or Under Voltage Relay - Annual

                                                           Man Hours 1.5
Special Instructions:

1.  Schedule outage with operating personnel.
2.  Obtain and review manufacturer's instructions, and circuit diagrams for
    relays and test set.
3.  De-energize, tag, and lock out circuit.
4.  All tests shall conform to the appropriate ASTM test procedures and the
    values used shall conform to the manufacturer's and ANSI Standards

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.  Visual and mechanical inspection.
    a.___ Disconnect any potential transformers (by Low Voltage Links, etc.) to
          prevent dangerous High Voltage back feed.
    b.___ Remove relay from case and visually inspect.  Also, clean, mechanically
          and visually inspect panel wiring.
    c.___ Examine condition of bearings.
    d.___ Check all connections for tightness.
    e.___ Examine contacts and contact backstops.  Burnish contacts.
    f.___ Clean and remove foreign matter from permanent magnet and disc.
    g.___ Examine case connections.
    h.___ Inspect disc restraint spring for  proper tension and for damage.
2.  Electrical test:
    a.___ Perform pickup test to determine the minimum/maximum voltage required
          to operate the trip circuit.  Adjust as per manufacturer's
    b.___ Perform time current or voltage characteristic test according to system
          requirements and settings and manufacturer's instructions.
    c.___ Test target and/or seal-in operation.
    d.___ Calibrate panel volt master within 3 percent of test meter reading.
    e.___ Test associated wiring as required, avoiding any unintentional
          transformer high voltage back feed.
    f.___ Mechanically operate the relay to ascertain that the relay will
          electrically operate the associate devices as originally
    g.___ Record results of inspection and test and report deficiencies.
    h.___ Remove tags and lock, return circuit to service.

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
    Plus  Insulated pliers and screwdrivers
          Wire strippers
          Wire crimpers
          Voltmeter - Ohmmeter - Milliammeter
          Clamp on meter(volt - ohm - amp meter)
          Soldering kit
          1/8" 25' fish tape
          Burnishing tool
2.  Relay test set
3.  Cleaning materials
4.  Test blocks and jumpers

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