ELEVTRE/H-Q Elevators, Electric or Hydraulic - Quarterly

                                                       Man Hours 2
Special Instructions:

Check manufacturer's instructions, those that have more stringent guide lines for
preventive maintenance shall be followed.  The frequencies shown here are minimum
requirements and are in addition to the regular PBS inspection tour.  Items
regularly inspected on a weekly basis include the motor-generator unit, hoist
machine, controls, and governor.  Doors, hangers, closers, interlocks, door
operators should be checked frequently for proper operation by qualified elevator
mechanics or inspectors as they ride the elevators.  Items requiring attention
should be reported to the elevator shop supervisor or elevator contractor.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Guides:  Clean, lubricate, and properly adjust all roller guides, guide
      shoes, and rail oilers.
2.___ Car Tops:  Clean off all dirt, dust, and oil.  Clean and lubricate fans.
3.___ Emergency Lighting:  Check operation and replace parts as necessary to
      obtain proper operation of all emergency lights.
4.___ Solid State Components and Circuit Boards:  Inspect printed circuit board
      and other solid state devices for cleanliness, condensation spots, evidence
      of heating, and deterioration.  Check to ensure proper operating functions
      of solid state devices.  Replace defective parts to obtain proper
5.___ Leveling:  Inspect leveling operation.  Clean and lubricate switches,
      vanes, and all other related parts and adjust to obtain proper leveling at
      all landings, both in the UP and DOWN direction, within  inches above or
      below the landing sill.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Cleaning tools and materials
3.  Out of service signs
4.  Barricades
5.  Lubricants

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