CHILLTUBENDT-3Y Chiller Non-Destructive Tube Analysis - 3 Years

                                                              Man Hours 9
Special Instructions:

1.  Coordinate performance of this PM activity with performance of annual PM on
    packaged chilled water units PM Inspections CHILLRWTRCOM-A or CHILLRWTRCCC-Q
    as applicable).
2.  Complete an eddy current test of all heat exchanger tubes, both evaporator
    and condenser (plus concentrator and absorber in absorption units).
3.  The test shall be performed in accordance with current requirements and
    procedures of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and
    Pressure Vessel Code Section V Nondestructive Examination, Article 8, Eddy
    Current Examination of Tubular Products and applicable recommended practice
    standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials for Eddy Current
4.  A Certified Level II or higher technician or equivalent shall be used for
    this analysis in accordance with the American Society of Non-destructive
    Testing Recommended Practices, SNT-TC-1A, or current version.
5.  The test is to be witnessed by the Contracting Officer's Representative or
    designated inspector.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Prepare equipment for non-destructive testing (NDT).  Remove heat exchanger
      heads, piping, clean tubes, and erect scaffolding as necessary.
2.___ Test shall be recorded as required by the ASME code Section V (Article 8 -
      Appendix I, Article I-20).
3.___ System calibration shall be confirmed hourly.
4.___ The written procedure in paragraph I-23, Article 8 - Appendix I in the ASME
      code is required to be followed.
5. Strip chart recordings shall be provided for:
    a.___ Each calibration standard and artificial discontinuity comparator used.
          Annotate to identify each defect machined in the standard and
          calibration of each division on the chart.
    b.___ Typical good tube in each bundle.
    c.___ For each defective tube, annotate to identify tube.  Indicate nature
          and extent of defect.
6.___ Test each tube to detect, as a minimum, leaks, saddle damage, pitting,
      interior erosion/corrosion, gasket condition, presence of "tramp" metal,
      presence of tube bulges, tube seem condition; visual inspection, if
      possible, of scale build-up, and tube sheet condition.
7.___ Correct deficiencies as directed.
8.___ Restore equipment to service.

Reports and Records:

1.___ A copy of the magnetic tape record shall be maintained by the NDT
      contractor and furnished if requested by the Government.
2.___ A preliminary job site report shall be provided as soon as the test is
3.Within ten (10) working days following completion of the test, the NDT
  contractor shall provide two complete test reports. Include the following:
    a.___ Written test procedure
    b.___ Recommendations - List all tubes recommended for replacement or
    c.___ Make complete description of defects (location, depth, inside or
          outside surface).
    d.___ Map location - Show tube row, number, and support for each tube bundle.
    e.___ Name of technician performing tests and evaluating data.
    f.___ Contractor's certification of technician qualifications.

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