BOILRI/C-A Boiler Instrument/Control-Annual

Application:                                                Man Hours 1

This applies to large boiler room operations where the boiler PMs
do not sufficiently cover the maintenance required for the boiler room
controls.  These boiler controls include such items as boiler masters, draft and
oil controllers, levelometers, flow transmitters and recorders, ratio
transmitters and totalizers, recorders and indicators, etc.

Special Instructions:

1.  Read and understand manufacturer's instructions before making any adjustments
    or calibrations.
2.  Schedule work with operating personnel, as needed.
3.  Review control wiring and piping diagrams.
4.  Review and understand sequence of operation.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___ Visually check equipment sensing lines, operating valves, and internal
       assembly for leaks.
2. ___ Perform friction test.
3. ___ Zero meter to scale, check pen(s) for zero indication, make necessary
4. ___ Simulate flow by use of check weights, provided water column, or other
       appropriate external simulation devices.
5. ___ Check pen or indicator for proper chart or scale percentage at recommended
       check points; (or discretionary check points, if none are recommended)
       record actual indication; Indication Reading: ___________. Make minor
       adjustments as necessary.
6. ___ Check control over full range.  Set zero and full range stops as
7. ___ Mark integrator or counter checks by simulating flow (usually 50% of full
       scale) and check number of counts over specific time period (minimum
       period of 30 minutes is recommended).  Calculate correct number of counts
       for time period used and make necessary minor adjustments.  Re-check after
       any adjustments, ascertain that the integrator or counter does not count
       at zero.
8. ___ Repeat step #6.
9. ___ Open meter supply line to check for plugging.  Put meter back in service.
10.___ Check electronic stations for proper electrical connections and pneumatic
       stations for any leaks by using a leak detector (soap solution).
11.___ Check operation of station panel switch and manual control for excessive
       friction and looseness of control knobs.
12.___ Check for correct supply pressure or voltage to the station.
13.___ Compare sender over it's range of control with an accurate external
       measuring device such as a U-tube, pneumatic calibrator, or electronic
       calibrator (all other measurements in the control loop should be made with
       the same device).
14.___ Check all indicators by simulating pneumatic or electronic signals to the
       appropriate port of terminal for proper indication to the related gauge or
       indicator (in most cases, mathematical calculations will be necessary to
       determine the proper indication at each test point).
15.___ Ascertain that the automatic signal is not restricted when the station is
16.___ Record and report all deficiencies.
17.___ Notify watch foreman that services are complete.

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Calibration device for meter being checked.
3.  Differential flow meter and indicator.
4.  Soap solution for air leak test, accurate test gauges (check
    before use).

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