AIRWASH-A Air Washer or Wet Coil System - Annual

                               Air Washer  Under 20,000 CFM Man Hours 4
                                          20,001-50,000 CFM Man Hours 5
                                          50,001-75,000 CFM Man Hours 6
                                            Over 75,000 CFM Man Hours 8
                              Wet Coil     Under 20,000 CFM Man Hours 1.5
                                          20,001-40,000 CFM Man Hours 2
                                            Over 40,000 CFM Man Hours 3

This applies to those installations that utilize an air washer or a
wet coil system on their air handler units.  Air washers consist of a spray
chamber, without coils, into which chilled water is sprayed for the purpose of
cooling the air flowing through it.  In a wet coil system, water is sprayed onto
a chilled water coil for the purpose of providing better heat transfer between
the coil and air.  The air handler will be serviced using PM AIRHNDL-A and the
air washer or wet coil system should be scheduled for accomplishment at the same

Special Instructions:

1.  Review manufacturer's instructions.
2.  Review the Procedure for "Controlling Hazardous Energy
3.  Schedule outage with operating personnel.
4.  Open, lock, and tag out electric circuits serving motors for the air handler
    and spray pump.
5.  Preventive maintenance on associated equipment should be accomplished at this
6.  Secure and tag all water valves supplying the pan or sump.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___ Examine and wire brush all structural elements including doors, chamber,
       piping, supports, pans, sumps, and framing.
2. ___ Clean tank or sump and examine for leaks.
3. ___ Treat with rust inhibitor and paint as required.  Consult the Material
       Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to ensure that the paint lead level is 0.06% or
4. ___ Clean suction screens.
5. ___ Remove nozzles and clean.  Replace as required.
6. ___ Check piping for blockage or buildup.  Clean or replace as required.
7. ___ Check operation of float valve, mixing or automatic control valves and
8. ___ Check lights for water seal and operation.  Replace as necessary.
9.     Pumps and motors less than 1 HP will be serviced as part of this PM.
       Pumps and motors 1 HP and larger will be serviced using PM PMPCENTFRIFGL-A
       and MOTOREL>1HP-A respectively.
    a.___  Clean and lubricate pump.  Check and replace packing if applicable.
    b.___  Blow out or vacuum motor windings and lubricate if required.
10.___ Remove tags and lockout from circuits for spray pump only.
11.___ Check with operating personnel before restoring circuits to the air
       handlers, to be certain personnel are not working on the  unit.

Note:  Pans and sumps should remain dry during winter operation.  Tags should be
removed from supply valves at the completion of this work, but the valves should
be opened by operating personnel only when the unit is to be filled and placed in

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Cleaning tools and materials, vacuum, grease gun and oil.
3.  Rust inhibitor and paint.  Consult the MSDS for hazardous ingredients and
    proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
4.  Gasket material
5.  Goggles

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