AIRCOMP-SA Air Compressor Semiannual

                                                            Man Hours 2.5
Special Instructions.

1.  Review manufacturer's instructions
2.  Coordinate motor PM on an annual basis.  See PM MOTOREL>1HP-A.
3.  Tank should be inspected and tested by qualified inspector.
4.  Secure the electrical service.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___  Perform normal tour checks and operations.
2. ___  Change compressor crankcase oil.
3. ___  Clean air intake filter.
4. ___  Check air dryer, automatic condensate drains, and air tank for proper
        operation.  Clean condenser coils and cover grills.
5. ___  Inspect belt alignment and condition.  Adjust or replace belts as
6. ___  Check for corrosion and scale on water cooled units.
7. ___  Clean heat exchange surfaces.
8. ___  Check accuracy of gauges with calibrated test gauge.
9. ___  On two stage compressor, check intermediate pressure.
10.___  Test relief valves, replace if leaking or the relief range is  incorrect.
        Do not readjust safety relief valves in the field.
11.___  Check operation of compressor unloaders, repair or replace if  not
        loading and unloading properly.
12.___  Check compressor suction and discharge valves for proper operation.
        Replace leaking valves.
13.___  Check cut in and cut out of compressor pressure controller,  readjust if
        necessary for proper air pressure requirements.  Do  not exceed ASME
        maximum tank pressure.
14.___  Check to make sure belt guard is installed prior to putting  air
        compressor back in service.
15.___  No pressure vessel is to have its hand hole or man hole  covers removed
        unless the vessel is at atmospheric pressure.

Tools & Materials.

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Belts
3.  Lubricants.  Consult the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous
    ingredients and proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
4.  Fin comb
5.  Vacuum cleaner commercial type
6.  Test gauge

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