Expense Categories

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In order to analyze your expenses, it's useful to categorize every expense on a work order. If you have licensed the MainBoss Accounting module, you can create named expense categories. For example, you might have categories like

Spare parts
Equipment rental
Work materials
Outside labor

Whenever you place an item on a work order (whether a demand or an actual use), you specify what category it belongs in.

For more information on expense categories and how they fit into MainBoss's accounting facilities, see Accounting Facilities.

You must specify a category for every item on a work order. However, if you are not using MainBoss's accounting facilities, you can simply specify the built-in Default Work Order Expense Category. This is a catch-all category that you can use if you don't want to define your own categories.

Expense categories may be restricted to certain uses. For example, you might specify that an expense category can be used for labor expenses but not for inventory items or for miscellaneous expenses. This prevents expense categories being used for inappropriate entries.

For information on viewing expense categories, see Viewing Expense Categories. For how to create and edit expense categories, see Editing Expense Categories. For printing expense categories, see Printing Expense Categories.

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