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The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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Hourly outside records contain information to be used when an outside contractor is hired to do a job for your organization. Such records are intended to provide background information whenever the contractor is hired, as opposed to specific information for a specific job. This means, for example, that you record the contractor's general hourly rate, but do not record the time spent on any particular work. You only record a specific time when you write up a work order for a specific job done by the contractor.

Note: If a worker's hourly rate changes, there's a special procedure you should follow to make sure your records stay correct. For more information, see the section titled Rate Changes in the MainBoss Configuration guide.

For information on viewing hourly outside records, see Viewing Hourly Outside Records. For information on creating and editing hourly outside records, see Editing Hourly Outside Records. For information on printing hourly outside records, see Printing Hourly Outside Records.

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