Creating a Maintenance Organization

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.3.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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When you first start MainBoss, the software displays a window that lets you create a new maintenance organization (database).


In order to create a MainBoss database, you must be logged into an account that has SQL Server Administrator privileges on the SQL Server that will manage the MainBoss database.

Important: MainBoss's language support mostly adapts to the personal preferences of each individual user, as expressed in the user's "Regional Settings". However, a few key terms are generated and stored in the database at the time the database is created. If possible, these terms are translated into the preferred language of the person who creates the database; for example, if the database creator has set "Regional Settings" to English, the key terms will be stored in English. Once this happens, the terms are difficult to change. Therefore, it's important for the person who creates the database to set his or her "Regional Settings" to whatever language will best suit the needs of the whole organization. (Note that you can override your existing "Regional Settings" using the /CultureInfo option on the MainBoss command line. For more, see Command Line Options.)

Changing Regional Settings may also change the currency symbol (e.g. from "$" for dollars to "" for pounds). However, MainBoss cannot handle multiple currencies; it assumes that all money values are in the same currency. For example, if you enter 33 in a "Unit Cost" field, MainBoss may display the result as $33.00 or 33.00 depending on your Regional Settings...but internally, MainBoss simply record 33.00. Therefore, it is important that all MainBoss users use the same currency for all money values.

To create a new maintenance organization database:

  1. Drop the arrow on Add Existing Organization and click Create New Organization. This opens a window like this:

  2. In "Database Server", specify the name of the SQL Server that you will use.

    If you click the "..." button after "Database Server", MainBoss will attempt to determine what servers are available to you. However, this list may be incomplete—certain firewall settings and SQL Server configurations can prevent servers from appearing in the list, even though the servers may be available for use.
  3. In "Database Name", enter the name of the new database. This will be the name used by SQL Server; it must be different from all other databases controlled by the server. We recommend that this name should not contain any spaces or special characters—just letters and digits. (The default database name is MainBoss; this name is recommended, unless your organization has multiple MainBoss databases.)

    If you click the "..." button after "Database Name", MainBoss will attempt to display all databases already managed by the specified "Database Server". You cannot choose any of these names (because the databases already exist), but the list may help you see what names are not already in use. (Depending on your permissions, you may not be allowed to see the list.)
  4. In "Organization Name", enter the name of your company or organization. Your "Organization Name" can contain spaces and special characters if you wish.
  5. Click OK. MainBoss will proceed to create the database.

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