YAA - Yet Another Assembler.


yaa srcfile [options]
(+|-)Clear (-)      (+|-)Verbose
Include=directory   INITialize=file
LineSize=nn         List=file
Object=file         PageSize=nn
Prepend=string      System=name


is a file of YAA source code. YAA code is described in "expl yaa manual".
is used in conjunction with Update= to create a new object library. When +Clear and Update=file appear on the same command line, the file is created (if necessary) and initialized as an object library. If the file already exists, its contents are cleared (destroyed) and it is re-initialized.
gives the name of an "include" directory. If YAA encounters a ".include" pseudo-op, YAA will search for the file under the directories named in Include= options. If the file cannot be found in one of these directories, YAA will then search the current directory. A command line may contain more than one Include= option. Include directories will be searched in the order given on the command line.
names an initialization file. YAA will execute the commands in this file before any other input. A typical initialization file might set listing options, create search rules, define standard macros, etc. If no initialization file is specified on the command line, YAA will use the default_initialization file "runtime/yaa_init".
indicates that listings should be created with lines that are a maximum of "nn" characters long, where "nn" is an integer. For best results, "nn" should be a number greater than 130. The minimum acceptable value for "nn" is 72.
indicates that a source listing should be written into the given file. If this option is not specified, YAA will not produce a listing and will ignore all other options and directives that relate to listings.
writes the assembled object code to the given file.
indicates that listings should be created with "nn" lines per page, where "nn" is an integer. The minimum acceptable value of "nn" is 20.
inserts the given string as the first source code to be assembled (before the normal YAA source code). For example,
yaa file p=".define DEBUG,1"

will assemble the given ".define" statement and then go on to the source code in "file". Only one Prepend= option is allowed on a command line. However, ';' characters are allowed in the string, so one Prepend= option can actually specify several YAA statements.

names the system for which object code will be prepared. The current version of YAA only supports GCOS8.
adds the assembled code to an object library in the given file.


The name YAA actually represents a compatible set of assemblers for various systems. They use the same pseudo-ops, input format, macro structures, etc., but each is aimed at assembling the instruction set of a particular machine. For more information, see "expl yaa manual".

Files Used:

runtime/yaa_init - default initialization file


The name YAA may change in the near future.

Copyright © 1996, Thinkage Ltd.