STTY - set terminal options.


stty[ option]*
FormFeed=[nn[,nn]*]     (+|-)Hold
LineFeed=[nn[,nn]*]     LineLength=nn
PageLength=nn           (+|-)Paginate


stty +p
sets the standard pagination, as described above.
stty ff=014 lf= pl=20
sets the formfeed character list to the ASCII formfeed (octal 014), removes all the characters from the linefeed list, sets the page length to 20, and leaves the pause characters and reverse linefeeds as they were.
stty +p
stty pl=15
sets standard pagination at first, then resets the page size to 15 lines, while preserving the standard pagination characters.


causes the listed characters (indicated by the nn values) to be interpreted as form feed characters.
sets the Hold bit in the user switch word to prevent APB's and notification of mail arrival. These messages remain pending until the hold bit is turned off.
turns off the hold bit, allowing automatic notification of mail arrival and APB's.
causes the characters whose values are given to be interpreted as linefeed characters.
sets the terminal maximum input line length to the given value. "n" must be in the range 64-160. Note that this only affects input, not output. i.e. you get "retransmit last line" if you enter more than the specified number of characters. There really is little point in setting it to anything but the default 160.
turns on the special no-parity option which causes the front-end to transmit characters without the normal even parity. All eight bits of data which are sent by the user's programs will be transmitted. Note that this still does not allow the user to send more than the normal seven bits FROM his terminal.
turns off the special no-parity option. All characters are sent with even parity.
sets the number of lines in a page of output. It also causes pagination to be turned on if it is not already on, and sets standard pagination characters (see below) if there are no pagination characters currently in effect.
sets up pagination with a page length of 20 lines and standard pagination characters.
turns off pagination without losing track of the pagination characters.
causes the given characters to be interpreted as pause characters.
causes the given characters to be interpreted as reverse line feed characters.
causes the pagination and line length information to be printed once the indicated changes are made. If no options are specified on the command line, this information is displayed by default.


STTY may be used to control pagination of terminal output, or to alter the terminal input line length.

The pagination characters, if supplied (or implied by the "+Paginate" option), replace the previous set of characters of that type without affecting other types. Thus, specifying "LineFeed=012" replaces any previous line feed characters but does not affect any of the other types, e.g. form feed.

Each type may be specified once only on the command line (including implied settings by the "+Paginate" option). The user cannot put a character under a certain type if it already exists under another type. There may be several characters of the same type, but the total number of characters must not exceed eight. Note that the selected characters must be in the range between 001 and 037 octal, inclusive.

The pagination is performed by keeping a line count and pausing when this count exceeds the page length. The user must then type a carriage return to resume output. Whenever the program requests input or the output pauses, the line count is set to zero.

The character types are as follows:

Line feed
The current line count is incremented only after a line feed type character is output.
Reverse line feed
The current line count is decremented if it is non-zero when a reverse line feed type character is output.
Form feed
The output pauses just before outputting a form feed type character, provided that the current line count is non-zero. Thus, several form feeds in a row require only one carriage return, since the first one causes the line count to be zeroed.
Pause character
The output pauses only after outputting a pause character.

The standard pagination characters are as follows:

LineFeed=012  (ASCII line feed)
FormFeed=014  (ASCII form feed)
No reverse line feed character
No pause character

Any character type not mentioned defaults to the old set from the previous STTY; if there is no such set, it defaults to the standard pagination characters. The page length defaults to the old value; if there was no previous value, it is set to 20.

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