OPTIONS - batch Pascal compiler options.


Options for the batch version of the SS mode Pascal compiler are specified on the $PROGRAM PASCAL card. Options are separated by commas; the first blank terminates the option field. The option field may be continued on a $ETC card. Options may be abbreviated according to the usual "retain capital letter" rule.


prints the listing in ASCII rather than BCD.
is the same as the TSS +Value option. It causes the compiler to generate range checking code, and initializes the stack frame on each function each entry. It should normally be specified.
is the usual GCOS dump option, and will cause a compiler dump if the compiler aborts.
specifies the character "c" to be used as the escape character in string and character constants. Specifying "Escape=" with no character turns off the string escape feature. The default escape character is "\". "NoExtensions" turns off the string escape extension, so the "Escape=" option cannot be used with "NoExtensions". The escape character must be a non-blank printable ASCII special character other than single quote ("'").
tells the compiler to ignore any characters after column 72 on the card.
produces a source listing.
suppresses most of the GCOS-8 Pascal extensions.
suppresses the production of the debug tables. If used, the traceback will contain no line number information.
tells the compiler to ignore case distinctions and to treat the source program as entirely lower case. Note that the compiler considers BCD to be a lower case character set so this option is not needed for a BCD source deck. This is the same as the TSS "-Respectcase" option.
tells the compiler that the stacksize should be "nnn" words.
produces debug tables. Currently these only contain information about line numbers. The tables are used by the traceback code, and may also be used by the BOFF debugger. This option is assumed by default.
means the same as "Debug".
causes the compiler to print assorted internal state information. This is not for general use.

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