SWAB - swap bytes.

(Not in the ANSI standard)


void swab();


char *from;
points to character string whose bytes are to be swapped.
char *to;
points to enough memory hold N characters. Characters will be copied from the "from" string to "to", switching odd bytes with even (so "from[0]" is written to "to[1]", "from[1]" to "to[0]" and so on).
int N;
is the number of characters to be copied. This should be an even non-negative number. If N is negative, "swab" does nothing. If N is odd, "swab" copies N-1 bytes.


"swab" copies one string to another, swapping even and odd bytes as it goes. Its major purpose is translating data that will be sent to machines that use a different way to order the characters in character strings (e.g. PDP-11s).

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