_TRCOPT - set traceback options.


#include <trcopt.h>


FILE *outfile;
specifies an open file where you want the program to write out a traceback if the program aborts. By default, this is "stderr". If you specify a null pointer for this argument, the program will not produce a traceback.
int options;
specifies options for the traceback. Bits that are on (1) in the "options" argument turn on options; bits that are off (0) turn options off. Thus you normally create an "options" argument by ORing together the options you want to turn on. Options are specified with manifests defined in <trcopt.h>. Manifests currently defined are:
tells the program that tracebacks should include an interpreted display of the event blocks in the root of the main co-routine. If this option is off, the traceback will only display the number of event blocks.


If an NS mode program aborts, it will attempt to produce a traceback showing the state of the program at the time of the abort. The "_trcopt" function tells the program what information should be displayed as part of that traceback. In addition, it tells where the traceback should be written. The default setting is


which displays a basic traceback on the standard error stream.

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