_RESTORE_ARG_STACK - restore argument stack.

(GCOS8 only)


   #include <climb.h>


"_restore_arg_stack" copies descriptors from safe storage back to the Argument Stack after an OCLIMB. The descriptors must have been saved via the "_save_arg_stack" function.

Some of the saved descriptors may be null descriptors, corresponding to free, unknown, or unsavable slots in the Argument Stack at the time it was saved. The corresponding slots in the Argument Stack will be marked as free during the restore process. Null descriptors at the end of the Argument Stack (after the last non-null descriptor) will not be restored at all, so the size of the Argument Stack will shrink by that amount.

It is not an error if you call "restore_arg_stack" several times in succession. For example, if the domain entry routine calls it and then your program code also calls it, you won't run into trouble.


C programmers never have to call "_restore_arg_stack" explicitly because the C library routines do it for you.

See Also:

expl nsc lib _gtseg
general SEGID allocation routine.
expl nsc lib _save_arg_stack
for saving the Argument Stack before an OCLIMB.

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