_PMME - issue a native mode system call.

(GCOS-8 Only)




int number;
is the number of the PMME you wish to execute.
unsigned reg_buf[8];
is a vector containing register values to be set before the PMME. This has the SREG format, and must be aligned on an 8-word boundary. The vector will be assigned the new register values after the PMME.
struct vector1 vec1, struct vector2 vec2, ...;
are vectors specifying additional data for the PMME. Each vector is a structure two words long; you must declare the contents of this structure yourself, to match the needs of the PMME. See the Assembly Instructions Manual (DH03 or DX20) for a description of the vector type.


"_pmme" issues a PMME call, setting up the registers beforehand and capturing the register values afterwards.

See Also:

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