_NO_NL - inhibit the new-line pending from the last input.

(GCOS-8 Only)


#include <stdio.h>
#include <sdgstd.h>


FILE *stream;
is a stream that has been opened for input.


"_no_nl" suppresses the echoing of a new-line in response to the last input from a terminal. "_no_nl" has no effect if "stream" is not associated with a terminal. Note that normal set-up reads from the terminal to get the command line, and so a call to "_no_nl" before any other terminal I/O will suppress the new-line resulting from inputting the command line.


If "_no_nl" is used and there was no immediately preceding request for terminal input, it is possible that there will be a random loss of output new-line characters.

"_no_nl" should be used immediately after reading the stream.

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