_DUMP - dump a portion of memory.

(GCOS-8 only)


#include <stdio.h>
_dump( file, startloc, numbytes )


FILE *file;
is a file pointer to a file open for writing. This file receives the dump output.
char *startloc;
points to the beginning of the memory to be dumped.
int numbytes;
gives the number of bytes (characters) to dump.


"_dump" dumps memory into the given "file". The dump format gives each character in memory in both hexadecimal and ASCII. Unprintable ASCII characters are represented by a tilde (~).


This function was written to fulfill the requirements of a site that needed compatibility with other systems. It only dumps the bottom 8 bits of every byte. On GCOS-8, we strongly recommend that you use "_dumpb" or "_dumpw" instead of "_dump".

See Also:

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