LSTAL - display the status of the batch world.


lsta [snumb] [-Other|-Swap|-SYstem|-Verbose|+Zdebug]*


If a specific snumb is entered as a five character string argument, and the job has a kpx, it alone is displayed.
suppresses printing of information about other workspaces (i.e. those not associated with a KPX). Normally, "+Other" is the default; if a specific snumb is mentioned then "-Other" is the default.
suppresses the privileged system slaves such as TSS, GEOT etc.
snaps only information in memory; this means LSTAL doesn't have to read the swap files. This is default for unprivileged users.
shows program details only. The column headers and memory summary lines are suppressed.
uses the GCOS dump in the named master mode dumpfile, rather than giving information about the currently running system.
dumps various debugging information.


LSTAL displays the following statistics for each job.

Known Process indeX (KPX) (octal)
Activity number (decimal)
Urgency (decimal). A "+" before the urgency of a job in memory means the job has privity. A letter "A" or "B" after the urgency of a job in memory indicates the special dispatch urgency.
Name of current activity
Current job size (decimal k). A "-" after the size indicates that the job is not currently in memory and is either swapped or waiting memory.
USERID of the job
Line id of originating remote station
Time used (in hours/100)
Time remaining (in hours/100)
Job status
Miscellaneous Information
Varies from job to job, as follows:
$SYOT        Total free SYSOUT blinks
TSS          Total number of TSS users
$FSYS        List of all busy SMC buckets.
OTHER JOBS   Banner information in $ IDENT card

Possible job status messages are:

RMT 1   Remote phase one
RMT 2   Remote phase two
MEM     Job is waiting for memory
MEDIA   Job is waiting for tape/disc mount
SWAP    Job swapped out
NJALC   New job for $PALC
NAALC   New activity for $PALC
REST    Job is in restart
SIEVE   Job is caught in the SIEVE 
LIMBO   Job waiting on a get tape/disk message
HOLD    Job is in hold
EXEC    Job is executing
TERM    Job is terminating
CARD    Card GEIN reading this job
IMVC    IMVC reading this job
OVRD    Allocation overdue

For working spaces not associated with a KPX, the WSN is shown in the SNUMB column, the number of pages in the SIZE column, and the remainder of the line describes the working space, if possible.

At the end of the batch status display, LSTAL prints total free memory and total memory available for slave programs.


The memory size displayed for TSS (kpx = 6) is the sum of the size word (.TACOR) and the POMU table entry since TSS acquires memory for subsystems from .MEXTM. The two terms are shown in the userid field in the form "nnK, xxxPGS", where "nn" is TSS's size according to POP's tables, and "xxx" is the number of EXTM pages.

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