JO - Jump out.




JO terminates execution of the current buffer and resumes execution of the buffer that invoked the current one.

JO "jumps out" of the hidden buffers used by G and U commands in the same way that it jumps out of any other buffer. For example, if a JO command appears in a G command list, the JO will terminate execution of the hidden buffer for the current line. This will not necessarily end the G command itself -- if the G has more marked lines to process, it will go to the next marked line and invoke the hidden buffer again.

In the same way, JO will end one iteration of a U command. The U command does not terminate unless its condition is satisfied.

JOT jumps out of the current buffer only if the condition register is TRUE. Otherwise, FRED will go on to execute the command that follows the JOT. Similarly, JOF only jumps out if the condition register is FALSE.

JO, JOT, and JOF commands must be executed inside a buffer. You will get an error if you type them directly from the terminal. However, they may be used inside G or U commands.

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