SLITE - set/clear simulated sense switches.



call slite(i)


is an integer expression specifying which sense switch is to be turned on.
indicates that all 35 sense switches are to be cleared.
turn on simulated switch "i".


SLITE is provided to support some very old programs that depended on reading some switches to control program action. The Fortran library maintains 35 simulated switches that can be set, reset and tested. These switches have nothing to do with the GCOS program switch word.

Instead of the simulated switches, a program should use the some combination of logical variables, a data card with control options, and the GCOS program switch word.

See Also:

expl f77 lib iretsw, expl f77 lib isetsw, expl f77 lib sswtch
for how to test/set the GCOS program switch word.
expl f77 lib slitet
for how to test the simulated switches.

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