FXEM - raise a run time error condition.


call fxem(ncode, msg, len)


is the integer value of the error being raised. This should be in the range 61<=ncode<=66, since these error codes are reserved for the user program.
is a character expression with the message to print on unit 06 before the traceback.
is the length of "msg" in words. 0<=len<=20.


FXEM declares that a runtime error has occured. Unless some other action has been specified by call to FXOPT, "msg" and a traceback will be printed on unit 06. For the user error codes, 61-66, the default action is to terminate the program after printing the error message. This may be changed by a call to FXOPT.

See Also:

expl f77 lib fxopt
for how to control what happens on a run time error.

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