FXALT - establish an alternate error procedure.


external handlr
call fxalt(handlr)
call fxalt($N)


is a subroutine with no arguments.
designates statement N in the calling program as the alternate error return.


FXALT is used to define the "alternate error handler" for a program. The "alternate error procedure" is called (or transferred to for $N) when an error occurs for which use of the alternate error procedure was specified by a call to FXOPT.

A return statement in subroutine "handlr" causes execution to be continued at the next executable statement following the statement that caused the error.


Care must be taken to avoid a loop in the error handling procedure.

See Also:

expl f77 lib fxopt
for how to specify that the alternate error procedure should be used.
expl f77 lib anyerr
for how to distinguish between different errors that use the alternate error procedure.

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