CNSLIO - write to the operator, and ask for a reply.


call cnslio(console, message, nwords [,nreply,nrepws])


is a 6 character character expression with a value of the form "0000xx", where "xx" is the file code of the console wanted. Normally this would be "t/", but it can be any console file code.
is an integer array or character expression with the message to be printed on the console.
is an integer expression representing the number of words to be printed on the console. Any value greater than 11 is set to 11 (66 characters in BCD mode, 44 characters in ASCII mode).
is an integer variable or array where the operator reply is placed. If omitted, the operator is not asked for a reply.
is the number of words in the reply buffer.


CNSLIO allows a batch program to write to a system console, and optionally request a reply. It is ignored in TSS.


The system operators are busy, do not use this routine carelessly.

See Also:

GCOS8 documentation
for a list of the standard console file codes, and the conventions for their use.

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