EXIT - end job and return status.

Alternate Entry Name: .EXIT


   exit( [status] );
/* C users use C "exit" */


EXIT closes all currently open B files and returns control to the operating system. If the "status" argument is provided, its lower nine bits are stored in bits 18-26 of the program switch word. In addition, if the subsystem was aborted by TSS, the abort code (contents of .LABRT - octal 24) is placed in bits 27-35.

If no argument is supplied to EXIT, the program switch word is left as is.

In batch, EXIT will execute a MME GEFINI with "status" placed in the same corresponding locations in the switch word.

See Also:

expl b lib extern .wrap
for a description of special user wrapup.
expl b lib abort
for a method to cause an error termination.
expl b lib .eexit
similar to EXIT, but issues DRL T.ERR if status is negative.

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