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James Alan Gardner, Writer

Welcome to my somewhat refurbished web page. It's still not fancy, but it now has a semblance of graphic design, not to mention navigability.

At Long Last, E-Books

I'm very happy to announce that E-Reads has produced digital versions of my books:

And right now, Expendable is on sale!

Audiobooks Now Available

My novels are now available as audiobooks from audible.com! Here are the links:

YouTube Review of Expendable

A big thank you to Captain Mike for YouTube reviews of all my books:

Story in Electric Velocipede

Why yes, I have a story in Electric Velocipede (Spring 2013). It's called "The Tempting: A Love Story"...so go and read it!

P.S. Here's a nice review of the story in Locus.


I have a novella titled "A Host of Leeches" in Stranded from Belle Books. Here's the cover:

Stranded cover

Pea Green Boat Interview

There's an interview with me in the Ascend issue of Pea Green Boat. It's a cool webzine, and a big thank you to them for thinking of me.

Another New Short Story

I have a short story called A Clean Sweep with All the Trimmings on tor.com. Go read it!

Fantasy Short Story

I have a short story called Three Damnations: A Fugue in the September 2011 issue of Fantasy Magazine. Check it out!

Okay, I'm on Twitter

Traumatic to decide on a Twitter ID when "jagardner" is already taken...but I'm now jamesagard, and we'll all see how regularly I can tweet. Follow, follow, follow...

The Skill List Project

Although I'm generally disinclined to blog, I'm sticking my toe in the water over on the SF Novelists site. Specifically, I've started the Skill List Project: an attempt at listing all of the skills that are actually involved in being a professional SF writer, plus advice on improving those skills. Here are the current installments:

Will there be more Festina/League of Peoples books?

I get asked this question a lot. I wish I could answer it.

I no longer have a contract with Harper-Collins, the publisher that has the rights to the existing League books. It isn't likely that another publisher would want to handle new books in the series, given that they don't have the rights to the books that already exist. Never say never, but the odds aren't good for Festina to fly again.

On the other hand, I'm still writing. I'm working on novels that I really like, and that I hope will find a home in the near future. The publishing industry is going through dire times (how many industries aren't going through dire times?) but I'm determined to have more books on the shelves sooner or later.

Fingers crossed, let's hope it's sooner. Watch here for news.

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