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Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book Provider

Note: Schedule+ was discontinued and superceded by Microsoft Outlook in 1997. The Address Book Provider is still provided as an example of how data from an external source can be used within a MAPI email client such as Microsoft Outlook. If you have a company database of email addresses that you would like to access directly from Microsoft Outlook, please contact us for information on how the address book provider can be adapted to your needs.

The Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book Provider is a MAPI compliant service designed to connect your Microsoft Exchange Client or Microsoft Windows Messaging address book directly to your Microsoft Schedule+ Contacts List. The software allows you to configure which columns in your Schedule+ Contact table contain E-mail address information. Once installed on your system and added to your Exchange Client Profile, you simply use the Address Book tool in Microsoft Exchange Client as you would your Personal Address Book.


The address book provider requires either

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, or
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Exchange Client for Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95, or
  • Microsoft Windows Messaging Update 1 for Windows 95, or
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Schedule+, Version 7.0 or Version 7.0a as shipped with Microsoft Office 95 and/or Microsoft Exchange Client, or
  • Microsoft Schedule+, Version 7.5 as shipped with Microsoft Exchange 5.0 Client

Obtaining the Product

The address book is packaged as a self-extracting InstallShield installation procedure. Simply download the appropriate version of the software onto your computer and run the program. The only difference between the Windows 95 and Windows NT installation files is the size of the download file; Windows 95 requires more run-time support than Windows NT 4.0 and hence is larger. If you have both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95 systems to support, only download the Windows 95 version and use it for both Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 systems.

Download for Windows NT 4.0 (1,751,422 bytes)

Download for Windows 95 (3,097,361 bytes)

The current version number obtainable from the About dialog window in the configuration screen is 1.0.65. The current release is 1.5

The installation sets were remade as Release 1.5 (Version 1.0.65) on June 2, 1997 to correct usage of the "Business Phone 2" field.

After installing the program, start the Control Panel "Mail" icon on Windows NT or the "Mail and Fax" icon on Windows 95 to add the "Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book" to your Mail Exchange profile. You can also do this procedure using the "Tools", "Services" menu item within Microsoft Exchange.


If you have a previous version of the program installed, you may download the smaller (687,841 bytes) update installation procedure to upgrade your product. The update procedure includes only the core modules of the program and will only install if the product is currently installed on your system.

Registering the Product

The software allows you to try the product out for 60 invocations free of charge. The product will insert a reminder "Email address" at the beginning of the address book entries until the product is registered. This reminder will include the number of invocations remaining until the software expires. A registration ("CD") key will be emailed to you upon receipt of the registration payment.

See the Registration&Payments page for information on registering the Address Book Provider.


Many common problems are addressed in the following collection of past user's questions:

  1. "** UNREGISTERED (??) Thinkage Software **" or "No entries found" is all I see
  2. New contact entries don't appear in the displayed address book.
  3. How do I add entries to the Schedule+ Contact table from Exchange?
  4. Why does the address book dialog comes up behind the Windows Messaging window?
  5. How do I create a distribution list?
  6. I received the message "Schedule+ is not running" as my only entry.
  7. Can I use this on a Macintosh? On non-Intel PCs?
  8. This product doesn't do what I want. Any suggestions of where else to look?
  9. Cannot create TGabSchP.AddressBook address book object (status 0x800401f3).
  10. How do I remove the Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book?
  11. Why can't I use the Thinkage ABP in place of the Personal Address Book?
  12. Can I install this product on Windows NT 3.51?
  13. MS FAX wants to dial the area code of my fax numbers stored in Schedule+
  14. I'm using Exchange 5.0 and I get a Dr. Watson report after installation.
  15. Why can't I use the contents of "Business Phone 2" as an e-mail address?

I just installed the product using the default configuration, but the only entry that appears in my address book says "** UNREGISTERED (??) Thinkage Software **" , or "No entries found."

The default configuration expects an E-mail address in the "User 1" field of the Schedule+ Contacts table. If all your Contact table entries have empty "User 1" fields, then there are no E-mail addresses to display. Either change your configuration to select the Contact table field where the E-mail addresses are stored, or put E-mail addresses into the "User 1" field.

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I just entered a new entry into my Schedule+ Contact table, but the entry doesn't appear in my address list.

The Contact table is loaded into the Exchange Address book the first time it is referenced and not updated until you exit and restart your exchange/messaging session.

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How do I add entries to the Schedule+ Contact table from Exchange?

The initial release of the product only provides read-only access to the Schedule+ Contacts table.

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If I have the Schedule+ Contacts Address Book is selected as the default, when I open up Windows Messaging and click on Tools | Address Book, the address book window opens up behind Windows Messaging.

This is an outstanding issue that appears only with Windows Messaging (Update 1) on Windows 95.

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How do I create a distribution list with the Schedule+ Contact Address Book Provider?

Distribution lists are not supported in this release of the product. A work around is to select the entries in your Schedule+ Contact list, copy them to your Personal Address Book (using the "Add to Personal Address Book" menu item on the selected entries) and build a distribution list using the methods of the Personal Address Book.

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I received the message "Schedule+ is not running" as my only entry.

The address book provider must start a Schedule+ OLE Automation server session to access the entries in the Contact table. Under some (unknown) circumstances, a Schedule+ OLE session will not start. Technically, the status received is "OLE Automation error" which doesn't help in trying to solve the problem. This is an outstanding issue that may go away with future updates of Schedule+, Exchange Client, or both.
A work around is to first select "Tools", "Address Book" from the main window prior to starting a New message. The Schedule+ addresses will then be cached and available in new messages for the remainder of your exchange session.
An alternative is to always keep Schedule+ running on your PC.

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Macintosh Version? Non-Intel Versions?

There are no plans for a Macintosh version at this time. NT versions for non-Intel platforms may be considered if sufficient interest is expressed although this seems unlikely given the current reduction in support for non-Intel platforms from Microsoft. 

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Where else can I look for information on Exchange/Windows Messaging address book solutions?

We would appreciate hearing about any suggestions or enhancements that could make our product better. Email with your feedback. Alternatively, there are a number of other Internet sites that provide information on Exchange/Windows Messaging. Here is a list of a few that we recommend:

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All I see is the message "Cannot create TGabSchP.AddressBook address book object (status 0x800401f3)."

This is an internal error message indicating the Schedule+ interface module (called c:\windows\system\schplusab.exe) could not be created. The status is the system status returned. This could only happen if the registry entry for schabplus.exe has been deleted or damaged. You can try to restore the registration information by executing the following command line at a command prompt
C:\windows\system\schplusab /regsrv
where c:\windows\system is the location of your windows system directory. On NT systems, this would be C:\winnt\system32. You could also reinstall the product which will re-register the module during installation.

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How do I remove the Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book?

First you should remove the address book service from your MAPI profile using either the "Mail" icon in the Control Panel, or the "Tools", "Services" menu in your Exchange client. Select the "Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book" entry from the list of information services and choose the "Remove" button.

Next you can delete the software from your system using the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel. Select the "Schedule+ Address Book" entry from the list of installed software programs and choose the "Remove" button. This will start the de-installation procedure that deletes the all the software and associated registry entries from the system.

The de-installation program DOES NOT clean up the MAPI service configuration file (MAPISVC.INF). You may either leave the old entries in the configuration file and ignore them in future, or remove them manually with any text editor such as notepad.

Use the following procedure to remove the Thinkage entries from the MAPISVC.INF file:

  1. Make a backup copy of the MAPISVC.INF file found in C:\windows\system\mapisvc.inf on Windows 95 or C:\winnt\system32\mapisvc.inf on Windows NT
  2. Edit the file using your text editor.
  3. Find the section called "[Services]"
  4. Delete the line in the [Services] section that looks like "TGAB=Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book"
  5. Delete the entire sections "[TGAB]" and "[GAB]". (A section begins with the [TGAB] line and ends at the line above the next occurrence of a line beginning with "[")
  6. Save the file.
  7. Start the "Mail" configuration icon in the Control Panel, and choose the "Add" button. Verify that the list of "Available information services" no longer contains "Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book".
  8. Choose the "Cancel" button and terminate the "Mail" configuration procedure.

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Why can't I use the Thinkage ABP in place of the Personal Address Book?

MAPI defines a Personal Address Book as a fully modifiable address book provider. The Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book is a READ-ONLY address book provider. In most cases, this shouldn't make a difference, but it has been observed that Microsoft Word 7.0 doesn't work properly with read-only address book providers. We recommend that you leave your Personal Address Book provider configured in addition to the Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book Provider.

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Can I install this product on Windows NT 3.51?

The product has not been properly tested on Windows NT 3.51. There is no restriction in the installation procedure that enforces a particular version of Windows NT. At a minimum, you will have to use the Windows 95 installation set that includes the additional DLLs that are required and are assumed to be present on Windows NT 4.0. You will receive an error message during installation (a -1 status code). This comes from Installshield's CORE Component handling that is not supported on Windows 3.51. Ignore this message and proceed with the installation. If you later uninstall the address book provider, you may be prompted to remove certain C run-time DLLs (they start with MSVxxx.DLL); you should leave them alone just to be safe.

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MS FAX wants to dial the area code of my fax numbers stored in Schedule+

Part of the problem stems from the inconsistencies Microsoft has in storing/using phone numbers in Schedule+ and all their other products. We recommend that you always store phone numbers in the canonical form (+1 (xxx) nnn yyyy). MS FAX will use the correct dialing sequence when it sees a canonical form identified by the leading +. If it is not in canonical form, then MS FAX will assume it is a dialable phone number and apply the area code in addition to the digits stored in the Schedule+ address book.

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I'm using Exchange 5.0 and I get a Dr. Watson report after installation

The address book provider prior to April 28, 1997 used an incorrect DLL entry point sequence which didn't cause a problem until Exchange 5.0. You need to use Release 1.4 or later of the Address Book Provider to resolve the problem.

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Why can't I use the contents of "Business Phone 2" as an e-mail address?

The address book provider prior to June 2, 1997 did not correctly use "Business Phone 2" field contents when "Business Phone 2" was configured. This was corrected in Release 1.5, Version 1.0.65.

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If you have further questions regarding this product, please Email